Simplify Travel Health With Personalized Travel Consultations

Learn more about how our Travel Consultations solution can support the specific health needs of patients planning to travel and provide them peace of mind.

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Tailor your consult to travel plans with ease

Assess and advise on travel health risks by collecting critical travel information from the patient before the appointment. Understand the duration of their trip, destinations, reasons for travelling, accommodations, activities, previous travel history, travel insurance situation, etc. to tailor your consultation.

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Collect thorough information during patient intake

Gather essential contact and general health information from the patient on the intake form before the appointment. Note any pertinent health conditions such as cardiovascular, mental health, lung, neurological, and immune disorders.

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Streamline follow-up tasks and appointments

Confidently recommend, administer, and document any clinical interventions relevant to the patient’s destination. Easily trigger and manage any follow-ups required through MedMe to ensure patients are prepared well in advance of their trip.

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Multi-Service Booking

Promote the convenience of receiving various services at once in a single visit.

Group Booking

Allow multiple individuals to schedule their appointments together.

Automated Notifications

Automate appointment reminders via email and text messages.

Streamlined Intake

Collect essential patient information and consent ahead of the appointment.

Scheduling Management

Seamlessly manage individual or group cancellations and rescheduling, ensuring smooth operation and flexibility.

Secure File Share

Securely share clinical documentation with patients via email.

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