Medication Reviews, Optimized for Excellence

Learn more about how our Medication Reviews solution can help pharmacists perform and document complete medication reviews on the MedMe platform.

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Prioritize patient care with automated transcriptions

Accurately transcribe your medication review consultations, capturing every detail without worrying about taking notes or paying half attention to your patients. This way, you can focus on what truly matters—your patients and their well-being.

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Auto-fill clinical documentation, powered by AI

Forget the tedious task of manually filling out your medication review consultation forms. MedMe intelligently auto-fills entire forms, correctly mapping out each piece of information to the right field and ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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Create consultation summaries automatically

Streamline your workflow by automatically generating consultation summaries, highlighting critical points and necessary follow-up actions. These summaries are in each patient’s MedMe profile under the relevant appointment.

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Centralized patient records - all found in one place

Manage multiple files within one appointment record and automatically log clinical notes to a patient’s profile for a glance at their complete medical history. You can also access a patient’s previous medication reviews to optimize their health outcomes.

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Manage follow-up appointments efficiently

Patients with complex conditions or medication regimens may need follow-up appointments. Easily trigger and manage medication review follow-ups through the MedMe platform to ensure patients receive continuous care as required.

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Multi-Service Booking

Promote the convenience of receiving various services at once in a single visit.

Group Booking

Allow multiple individuals to schedule their appointments together.

Automated Notifications

Automate appointment reminders via email and text messages.

Streamlined Intake

Collect essential patient information and consent ahead of the appointment.

Scheduling Management

Seamlessly manage individual or group cancellations and rescheduling, ensuring smooth operation and flexibility.

Secure File Share

Securely share clinical documentation with patients via email.

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