Consultations for Common Conditions, Made Easy With MedMe

Learn more about how MedMe can help your pharmacy conduct more consultations for common conditions such as birth control, smoking cessation, and Paxlovid and naloxone prescribing. Easily offer new service types and increase pharmacy revenue simultaneously.

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Streamline the addition of new types of clinical services

Leverage our pre-configured, standardized templates for intake and consultation forms, uniquely tailored for each type of clinical service. We make regular updates to ensure compliance with evolving state legislations and pharmacy scope of practice, simplifying the process for you to expand the services offered at your pharmacy effortlessly.

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Simplify intake with our patient-facing navigator

MedMe's patient-facing navigator simplifies the process for patients to find the services they need at your pharmacy. It provides detailed descriptions of symptoms and clearly states any fees associated with each service, ensuring patients can make informed decisions.

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Get qualified patients with our powerful eligibility screening

Patients complete eligibility screening before booking a consultation. If a patient provides an answer that indicates their ineligibility for an assessment by a pharmacist, the system will prevent them from proceeding with booking.

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Pharmacies are conducting the following service types today through MedMe

Conduct appointments in person, by phone, or virtually

The MedMe platform currently supports in-person, phone, and virtual care with a built-in video calling tool for consultations on common conditions. Toggle these methods on or off to customize how you and your patients want to conduct them.

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Manage follow-up appointments with ease

Effortlessly coordinate follow-up appointments to stay connected with patients and monitor their progress. Build solid rapport with patients so they're inclined to return to your pharmacy for future appointments for clinical services.

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Multi-Service Booking

Promote the convenience of receiving various services at once in a single visit.

Group Booking

Allow multiple individuals to schedule their appointments together.

Automated Notifications

Automate appointment reminders via email and text messages.

Streamlined Intake

Collect essential patient information and consent ahead of the appointment.

Scheduling Management

Seamlessly manage individual or group cancellations and rescheduling, ensuring smooth operation and flexibility.

Secure File Share

Securely share clinical documentation with patients via email.

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