Let’s re-imagine pharmacy care. Together.

MedMe Health helps you transform your pharmacy practice with virtual solutions and automation tools to enable proactive, preventative, and personalized care.

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Affordable rates that fit the needs of your practice.

We know how tedious practice management software can be.

That's why our software enables efficient documentation, automated followups, and data-driven insights for your practice to manage your patients' treatment journey.

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We know how overworked yet underutilized pharmacists can be.

That's why we're decoupling dispensing from pharmacy care, to enable pharmacists to spend 100% of their time providing clinical services and delivering direct patient care.

...and we know that patients urgently need more proactive models of care.

That's why we've built intelligent monitoring, health peripherals integration, and clinical decision support tools to make proactive care possible.

What people are saying about us:

MedMe is turning the existing pharmacy model on its ear and putting the focus back on proactive provision of care and services, rather than a reactive model that is only focused on transactions.

Sean Simpson, PharmD

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

MedMe really helps me manage my patients better with the automated follow-ups and structured documentations as I was previously just using Microsoft Word and Google Calendars.

Angela Benson, PharmD

Toronto, ON

MedMe really enhances the patient experience for my travel health clinic customers compared to other telemedicine software with its simple UI and workflow integration.

Don Woo, PharmD

Toronto, ON

MedMe really helps me stay in the loop with the patient's treatment after they leave my clinic to consult with the compounding pharmacy.

Sam Smitherson, N.D.

Toronto, ON

It (MedMe) lets me actually confer patient care - what we're taught at pharmacy but don't actually have the time or tools to do in today's community pharmacy.

Jakov Krezic, PharmD

Windsor, ON

MedMe is completely changing the standard at which pharmacists should practice - becoming the center of a patient's treatment journey instead of simply a gatekeeper to medications.

Antony Choi, PharmD

Toronto, ON

And of course, we know how important data-security is.

We use the same PIPEDA/ HIPAA-compliant hosting infrastructure as health industry leaders to ensure that your data is stored safely.

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