Medication Reviews

Designed to help pharmacists schedule, conduct, and document government-reimbursed Medication Review services.

Conduct Medication Reviews in 3 easy steps:


Schedule Appointment + Capture Consent Online

Securely schedule and capture Informed Consent from patients online through MedMe - the only scheduler designed for pharmacies.


Secure Virtual Care

Start video calls with a single-click by sending video links via SMS/email to patients without requiring any downloads or log-ins on the patient side.


Pre-filled Documentation

With MedMe prepopulating fields into required documentation across all provinces, you no longer need to print out each form and manually fill out fields that are often duplicated.

Features designed to empower Pharmacy Care:

Integration with Pharmacy Management Software

MedMe integrates with your dispensing software to prevent any double-entry of patient information.

Web-based Platform with Cloud Storage

No longer be limited to conducting Med Reviews within the pharmacy! You can access MedMe's platform securely on any device and network with the right authentication.

Automated Scheduled Follow-ups

MedMe allows you to easily schedule follow-ups 1-6 months in advance to check in on the patient via phone/text/video.

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