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Our best-selling Flu Module does more than your average Scheduler. MedMe pharmacies consistently grow new patient demand, administer 20% more shots, and reduce admin time (goodbye phone calls!)

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How Can MedMe Support Your Workflow?

Gather patient interest for flu vaccines before receiving supply

Easily send booking links in bulk once you have inventory

Reduce administrative burden on pharmacy staff with pre-populated intake forms

Optimize easily for both Walk-In and Scheduled patients

Built to Integrate Right Into Your
Current Workflow

A digital front door for your pharmacy...

Build your digital presence with a branded site customized just for you: Leverage QR codes, Google Business, and mass email campaigns to drive patient demand at scale.

Most importantly, leverage our Waitlist to start generating interest pre-flu season!

Predictability, at last

Control your capacity and staffing with our fine-tuned scheduling features built for pharmacies:

  • Fill an entire week’s schedule in minutes
  • Increase capacity at your control and cadence
  • Easily run external clinics (on/off-site)

Designed to streamline your clinical workflow

Onboard in minutes with our ready-made platform, designed by pharmacists with:

  • Province-specific customizations
  • Robust patient intake, consent, and PDF forms
  • Batch features for documentation

Other Features

MedMe has a ton of additional features to make your flu season workflow experience a lot smoother!

High Dose Waitlist Support

Ensure patients can express preference for High Dose vs Regular Dose and easily book first available flu vaccine

Patient Interest Flagging

Flag new patients interested in transferring prescriptions to your store and booking other services

Vaccine Co-Administration

Easily support requests for COVID-19 and Flu vaccine co-administration

Improved Walk-In Support

Keep track of your walk-in queue in real time, from check-in to appointment completion

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The MedMe platform and their entire team have been instrumental in our success streamlining clinical processes for our pharmacies. Their ability to create meaningful ways for pharmacists to perform a vast array of clinical services and virtual communication has completely transformed the way our stores have implemented these services into workflow. MedMe has been the best investment we made in our business in the past year!

Marco Casagrande, VP of Sandstone Pharmacies
Calgary, AB

Start Generating Patient Demand Ahead of Flu Season Now

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