COVID-19 Vaccine Module

A one-of-a-kind solution to support uncertain supply and rapidly changing provincial regulations

Workflows designed for the pharmacy:


Capture patient interest and filter based on priority group eligibility criteria

Online Booking

Patients can book appointments from your pharmacy website with 1st/2nd dose support

SMS/Email Messaging

MedMe enables automated appointment reminders via SMS and email 24 hours before the appointment to minimize missed No-Shows.

Dose/Inventory Management

MedMe helps you control how many patients can book appointments based on doses remaining

Pre-filled forms

MedMe pre-populated all patient-entered information onto pharmacy forms

Automated Documentation

Easily complete pharmacist documentation with saved fields, dropdowns, and default values

...and we're live in Alberta and Ontario!

MedMe’s pharmacy-focused workflow and customized patient messaging helped us start testing patients immediately with our same staff. We had 20 patients booked within 24 hours and consistently have over 2 weeks of our calendar fully booked out in advance.

Suhas Thaleshvar, RPh, APA

Sherwood Park, AB

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