Marketing Support for Pharmacies

Marketing is a powerful tool that allows pharmacies to raise awareness and generate interest among their customers about the products and services they provide. Unfortunately, many pharmacists don’t the time or tools required to market their pharmacy effectively.

That's where MedMe comes in!

To set up pharmacies for success, we are offering free marketing resources tailored to pharmacists. Scroll down to see what resources are available today!


In-store Minor Ailments Marketing

Patient self-care is an integral part of community pharmacy, and pharmacists have long played an important role in helping patients select the best OTC products to address their symptoms. With the rollout of the minor ailments program, pharmacists can now play a more active role in managing their patients' health. Given that the minor ailment program is so new, we feel that one of the main barriers to the general uptake of minor ailments is patient awareness. Here are a few resources to help drive awareness to your existing customers/patients!

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Marketing Poster

Poster marketing is the fastest and simplest way to share information with your customers. Add to high-traffic locations within your pharmacy for best results!

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Shelf-talkers are great at cross-selling or upselling other products. Shelf-talkers are an absolute powerhouse in-store marketing tool because they engage customers at a potential point of purchase!

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Bag Stuffers

Stay on your customer's mind even after they leave your store by adding these to their bags when patients receive their prescriptions!


Digital Minor Ailments Marketing

Are you struggling to connect with your customers outside of your pharmacy? Social media can help you bridge the gap! In fact, it's one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and build lasting relationships with them. If you're a pharmacist looking to boost your minor ailment engagement, we've got a variety of social media resources specifically curated for pharmacists like you.

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