We've curated our features based on the most valuable opportunities for pharmacists in their daily practice, designed closely and iteratively with our customers.

Web-Based Platform

Unlike current pharmacy software, MedMe is completely web-based. This means you can conduct clinical services both within and outside your pharmacy, and everything is secured with multi-factor authentication.

Integration with PMS

MedMe integrates with your pharmacy's management software so you don't need to re-enter any patient information, like medications, allergies, or medical conditions.

Virtual Consultations

Securely conduct both video and phone consultations directly on MedMe. Call details such as duration are tracked so you can finally easily measure key metrics on your virtual consultations.

Online Scheduling

Easily schedule appointments with multiple types, custom durations and call methods across your team of pharmacists directly within MedMe. Times can be either be selected by the pharmacist or by the patient through link-based text and email notifications.

Simple Patient Interface

Patients don't need to download applications or set-up account logins - all interactions such as scheduling appointments or entering a video call are initiated via SMS and email links.

Capture Patient Consent

Record patient consent directly within MedMe for auditing purposes, including consent for clinical services, use of data, and participation in virtual consultations.

Documentation Automation

For clinical services requiring regulated documentation (eg. MedsChecks, SMAP), you can complete the forms using pre-populated information directly on MedMe. This means you no longer need to print out each form and manually fill out fields that are often duplicated.

Clinical Notes Log

MedMe helps you automatically keep track of any edits or notes added to a patient profile, so you can get a full glance of the patient's clinical history and provide a document trail for auditing purposes.

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