Vigilance Santé and MedMe Health: Joining forces to support expanded scope of practice for Canadian pharmacists

Charina Alducente

January 4, 2023

An agreement between Vigilance Santé and MedMe Health will help Ontario pharmacists prescribe for minor ailments with ease and confidence.

Across Canada, pharmacists' scope of practice is expanding. In Ontario, as of January 1, 2023, regulations will allow them to prescribe medications for 13 minor ailments. We are pleased to announce that professionals in this province will soon benefit from support in the provision of these new clinical services, thanks to an agreement between Vigilance Santé and MedMe Health. The two companies have joined forces to make a standalone version of RxConsultAction available in MedMe's “Minor Ailments” module.

Designed by Vigilance Santé, RxConsultAction is a decision-making tool that is generally integrated into pharmacy management systems. Easy to use, its dynamic form adapts as you choose options. In addition, it offers support in terms of compliance with the regulatory framework, particularly through a summary of the legal obligations related to the service provided. Finally, it allows the creation of the required documents for health professionals and their patients.

Each month in Quebec, more than 150,000 clinical acts are performed with RxConsultAction in the 1,000 community pharmacies that use it. The Ontario version is already available for integration and plans to adapt it to the needs of the other provinces are underway.

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“I am delighted at the idea of offering Ontario pharmacists a solution that will provide them with assistance in the expansion of their scope of practice,” says Andrée-Anne Chevalier, President of Vigilance Santé. “Access to RxConsultAction will allow them to easily and confidently prescribe medications for minor ailments.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our pharmacist users integrated clinical decision-making tools directly within their MedMe workflow,” says Purya Sarmadi, CEO and Co Founder of MedMe Health. “As their scope of practice expands, pharmacists’ seamless access to industry leading clinical decision-making solutions like RxConsultAction is an important step to lower the barriers of adoption and assist their ability to offer new clinical services to their patients with ease and confidence.”

About Vigilance Santé inc.

Established in 1991, Vigilance Santé combines knowledge, intelligence, and technology to empower frontline health care professionals. The company develops IT solutions and databases with the aim of ensuring the safe and optimal use of medications. RxVigilance, its flagship product, already has more than 50,000 users. With monthly updates, the software can be used to look up drug information, perform comprehensive pharmacological profile analyses, access a broad range of patient handouts, and much more. Vigilance Santé's other products include RxPhotos, which hosts a database of over 50,000 photos of pills and their packaging across three services. The company's latest product, RxConsultAction, offers step-by-step assistance to pharmacists, within their pharmacy software, in the provision and documentation of clinical services.

About MedMe Health

MedMe Health provides virtual care and clinical services technology to pharmacies modernizing their operations. The platform provides real-time patient engagement, streamlined workflows and automated documentation, empowering pharmacists to deliver clinical services at scale, build patient relationships and diversify revenue through clinical services management. MedMe Health has served more than 20 million patients and is trusted by over 3,600 pharmacies across Canada. For more information visit and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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Charina Alducente

Charina Alducente is a Clinical Operations Lead and Product Manager at MedMe Health.

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