How One Pharmacy Used MedMe as a ‘Crystal Ball’ to Offer Patients Exceptional Services During COVID-19

Linda Lu

January 7, 2021

Suhas Thaleshvar had goals to effectively and safely deliver valuable clinical services to his patients. With the pandemic and upcoming flu season, finding the right software to do this became of the utmost priority. When the opportunity arose to implement a software option to deliver appointment-based services, he jumped on it. MedMe’s platform became his go-to, time-saving tool for the clinical services offered at his pharmacy.

Suhas’ Pharmacy, Before MedMe

For years, Suhas watched his patients complete their immunization forms with pen and paper. Eventually, this was replaced by online forms on mobile devices, but the system still lacked a scheduling component. With the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for flu shots increased by over 30%. Suhas knew that he needed to switch to an appointment-based model in order to handle the high volume of incoming patients and to better staff his employees. 

MedMe as a Comprehensive Scheduling Platform 

Suhas was eager to try out MedMe, a platform that would allow his patients to book appointments, fill out the required forms, and answer the COVID-19 screening questions online, prior to entering the store. He and his staff actually found that MedMe went far beyond this, integrating with his pharmacy management software and providing them with automated documentation tools. 

“It was just a revolving door… every patient, every family coming in spaced out. I can’t believe how fast we are now with MedMe. We can have a carload of patients in and out of the store in 5 minutes when it used to take 30 minutes.”

1550 flu shots in 3 weeks

500 flu shots in 1 week

71 flu shots in 1 day

Efficient Scheduling & Ease of Planning

Able to see how many flu shots were booked at his store each week, Suhas knew exactly how many flu shots to order and how to staff his employees. With this additional level of clarity, Suhas and his staff were able to efficiently schedule other clinical services to provide patients with a level of care that extended beyond dispensing.

“MedMe is like a crystal ball.  It helped me see what I had that day and week, and plan accordingly.” 

Virtual Solutions to Reach Patients Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic 

With MedMe’s built-in, secure video call system, Suhas was also able to provide his patients with continued access to care during the pandemic. Suhas talks about how, even when the rest of the world was put on pause, he never had to dial back his pharmacy services because he had a tool for virtual care. At his pharmacy, patient care was never put on pause.

Photo by Karey Wood

Future Plans

As pharmacy transforms to embrace technology that improves pharmacists’ ability to deliver clinical services, Suhas is seeking to expand on those that his store can offer. He believes that MedMe is a crucial component for pharmacists’ delivery of patient care as front-line workers, and one which will differentiate pharmacies after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“It is mandatory now, it’s not a luxury item anymore. It is a minimal requirement during a pandemic, and it will put you a mile above everyone that didn’t have it when the pandemic is over.”

We love working with pharmacy owners and enabling them to offer more to their patients. We do this simply by providing them with a platform to do so and by saving them time. This is only one of many success stories. If you are a pharmacy owner and would like to know more, we would love to learn how we can help your practice.

Photo by Infinite Eye Photography

About Medicine Shoppe 365

Owned by Suhas Thaleshvar, Medicine Shoppe 365 is a pharmacy located in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In addition to flu shots and asymptomatic COVID-19 testing, they offer many additional services including travel medicine, weight management, and diabetes support.

Written by: Linda Liu

Edited by: Gabrielle Busque & Rui Su 

Illustrations by: Gabrielle Busque


Linda Lu

Linda is a 4th-year PharmD student at the University of Toronto who is passionate about finding solutions to help empower patients to take control of their health. With experiences in corporate pharmacies such as Shoppers Drug Mart and companies such as MedMe Health, she hopes to find a place where she can best contribute to advancing the pharmacy profession and patient care.

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