MAPflow and MedMe Health Partner to Provide End-to-End Pharmacy Workflow Support for Ontario Minor Ailments Program

Charina Alducente

December 21, 2022

MAPflow and MedMe Health commit to platform integration that supports expanded prescribing scope for minor ailments in Ontario.

December 21, 2022

MAPflow and MedMe Health today announced an exciting new partnership that streamlines workflows for Ontario pharmacists ahead of the minor ailments scope expansion taking effect next month.

This timely, strategic partnership will integrate MAPflow’s web-based digital clinical decision-making and implementation support tool into MedMe Health’s clinical services management platform. The integration will allow pharmacists using both tools to seamlessly transfer data between the tools to streamline end-to-end minor ailment workflows, from appointment-based scheduling to clinical documentation and follow-up.

Beginning January 1, 2023, Ontario pharmacists can assess and prescribe for thirteen minor health ailments, conditions patients can manage with self-care strategies and minimal treatment. These ailments are often short-term, meaning lab results aren't typically necessary, and there's a low risk of treatment masking underlying conditions.

Expanded scope for pharmacists also means additional pathways for patients, facilitating greater access to care within the community and reducing the need for emergency and urgent care visits.

“Our focus is to be proactive and provide pharmacists with industry-specific software that aligns with provincial legislation. MAPflow captures unique analytics and promotes shared clinical decision-making – most importantly, it enables pharmacists to deliver customized care to their patients,” notes Dr. Nardine Nakhla, PharmD, MAPflow CEO. “Through partnering with MedMe Health, we will have a reliable, interconnected system facilitating minor ailment prescribing services for pharmacists that incorporates supportive elements into their practice and optimizes patient outcomes.” To learn more about MAPflow and purchase a subscription for this specialized program, visit

Pharmacists are patients' first and often most frequent point of contact with the healthcare system. Pharmacy teams manage highly confidential patient data and must meet strict privacy, security, and governance requirements. As pharmacy professionals across Ontario continue creating capacity in health systems throughout the province, integrating these specialized digital health tools and custom-built applications will drive innovation and agility for the sector’s future.

“We’re excited to partner with MAPflow to offer our pharmacist users in Ontario integrated access to MAPflow’s clinical decision-making and implementation support tool for minor ailments directly with the MedMe Health workflow,” says Purya Sarmadi, CEO, MedMe Health. “As the scope of practice expands, MedMe Health is committed to enabling pharmacists’ seamless access to industry-leading solutions designed by Dr. Nakhla and her team. This is part of our vision for providing pharmacies with MedMe Health a delightful care experience through integrated workflows while enabling variety in the choice and access to emerging clinical solutions. This partnership is an important step to lower the barriers of adoption and assist pharmacists’ ability to offer new clinical services to their patients with ease and confidence.” To learn more about MedMe Health’s Minor Ailments Program, visit

About MAPflow
MAPflow (Minor Ailment Prescribing workflow) is a web-based clinical decision support tool that facilitates minor ailment assessment and prescribing for the Ontario pharmacy practice environment. MAPflow’s mission is to promote the implementation of effective and efficient clinical services by pharmacists to enhance access to care and optimize patient health outcomes. The vision of MAPflow is to revolutionize clinical service delivery across Canada by empowering pharmacists to practice to their optimal scope. For more information, visit

About MedMe Health
MedMe Health provides virtual care and clinical services technology to pharmacies modernizing their operations. The platform provides real-time patient engagement, streamlined workflows and automated documentation, empowering pharmacists to deliver clinical services at scale, build patient relationships and diversify revenue through clinical services management. MedMe Health has served more than 20 million patients and is trusted by over 3,600 pharmacies across Canada. Follow MedMe Health on Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information, visit

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Charina Alducente

Charina Alducente is a Clinical Operations Lead and Product Manager at MedMe Health.

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