We believe in creating a new status quo for proactive pharmacy care.

And it starts with creating data-driven software to replace the dated, disparate status quo. Rising healthcare costs? Aging population? Reactive care? We believe that pharmacists can be the antidote, if given the right tools to step up from behind the counter. We are building these tools. It’s time to usher in a new generation of pharmacy. Join us in creating the new status quo.

Take Care,
The MedMe Team


To foster truly proactive, preventative, and personalized care.

A future where pharmacists practice to their full clinical scope.

A future where every patient receives personalized, holistic care taking into account their values, beliefs, and preferences.

A future where robust and actionable outcomes data can inform research and policy.


To engage pharmacists in every step of our design process.

Since the initial release of our product, we've conducted hundreds of interviews with pharmacists and pharmacy owners to ensure that our solution delivers real value to community pharmacists everywhere.

Our Leadership & advisory Team

We're an interdisciplinary team of pharmacists, product designers, health informatics strategists, and software engineers who are passionate about improving the quality of pharmacy care.

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Purya Sarmadi

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Purya holds a Masters in Health Informatics from UofT with experience implementing IT/analytics solutions at health organizations including Sanofi, Trillium Health Partners, CCO, UHN, and as a management consultant for provincial health contracts.

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Rui Su, PharmD

Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Rui Su holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from UWaterloo, has co-authored 3 nationally accredited pharmacy programs, and has worked in oncology, geriatrics, and mental health. She founded Roze Labs where she conducted digital health research funded by the MS Society of Canada.

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Nicholas Hui

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Nick is an engineer from UBC who heads MedMe's product and UI/UX design with his experience at Tesla, co-founding a VR display startup, and leading UBC AeroDesign, an award-winning 70-member engineering design team dedicated to building autonomous electric fixed-wing aircrafts.

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Roger Simard, PharmD

Digital Health Advisor

Roger is a pharmacist and serial medtech entrepreneur who has founded several companies such as www.theheart.org and Pharmacy 3.0. He advises both public and private organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross and the World Health Organization, and is a regular speaker at various digital health conferences

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Sean Simpson, Pharmacist

Pharmacy Advisor

Sean is a multi-site pharmacist owner in the Niagara region and past chair of the board of the Ontario Pharmacist Association. He's also the radio host of the Live Longer, Live Better show, a board member of the Canadian Pharmacist Association, and campaign chair for the United Way of St. Catharines and District.

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Jauher Ahmad, PharmD

Pharmacy Advisor

Jauher is a community pharmacist/owner, CEO of Intrepid Health Group Inc., Co-Founder of Jack Health, and a lecturer with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. He's actively involved in the pharmacy profession and health care community at large as a committee member for various organizations.

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Aska Patel, PharmD

Pharmacy Advisor

Aska is a practicing clinical pharmacist, consultant, and committee member of the Ontario College of Pharmacists. She has been an active voice in advocating change in the way pharmacists delivery value and provide patient care within our healthcare system.